Shining Force III Translation Project

Now, I know this is not late breaking news, but I find it to be blogworthy nonetheless. Remember this game for the Sega Saturn?

 Shining Force III

If you are a Shining Force fan, you probably remember it, if not, well, then just go back to your Final Fantasies (NOTE: I like Final Fantasy as much as the next RPG fan, I just don’t think it’s the be all end all RPG that all these fanboys croon about). Anyway, this game was released in 1998, in the US and Europe as, well….Shining Force III. What the dim-witted company know as SEGA didn’t tell us was that particular game we got was only 1 episode out of three (which explained the lame ending), they decided (like other great japanese rpgs like Grandia and Lunar), that America didn’t need the other two games, since according to at the time Sega of America douchebag exec Bernie Stolar, “Americans aren’t really into RPGs”. Prick. And in fact, in retrospect, the Scenario 1 we got didn’t have all that great of a translation either, now that I think about it. But alas, we got what we got. 


So as much as fans in the Western World booed and hissed and bitched to Sega about it for the last 10 years, not a damn thing has been done about it. All pleadings to port these games to a new console (DS or PSP would’ve been nice) has fallen upon deaf ears. So, luckily a few fans decided to translate the game a couple years ago, and finally fans had a text to read along to while they played the japanese version…..Meh……


Enter knightOfDragon and his team of misfits. Much like Neil Corlett brought us the translation patch for Seiken Densetsu 3(Sequel to Secret of Mana, thanks Square/Nintendo. You fucks), they have brought us patches for Scenario 2 and 3, and even the Premium Disk for the Eng-rish speaking world. They even re-translated the JPN version of Scenario 1 (such nice guys). So here’s the post (they don’t have a site), and here’s where to get the files. And you get an English copy of Shining Force III Scenario 2 and 3, and PD in a few easy steps:

1: Go buy Scenario 2 and 3(Around $50-60 on Ebay at the moment).

3. Stick one of the discs in your CD drive.

3. Download SF3Patch.exe from the above site.

4. Specify which game you’re patching and follow the instructions to make an iso of the patched game.

5. Now you can either mount the ISO for an emulator, or burn the ISO for a chipped Saturn.


And that’s it. And finally, you can see the ending to such an amazingly epic story that modern day RPG’s could only dream of having. And if you’ve never played a Shining Force, you can finally find out that Final Fantasy VII is NOT the greatest game ever made, and start seeing that there’s talent outside of Squeenix (and as of late, ALOT more talent).






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8 comments on “Shining Force III Translation Project

  1. It’s interesting that there’s so much FF hate in an entry that shouldn’t have anything to do with FF. To prevent from some lame-ass response, I’ll add that Final Fantasy is a very important foundation in the RPG industry, but that one series does not speak for the entire industry that varies in tRPGs, sRPGs, sims, ATB battle RPGs and so forth.

    That said, I only played SF1. And this entry is t3h awesome, but it fails for me because I now own a Mac and haven’t found any emus for Macs without errors. Fails.

  2. I’m not disagreeing one bit that FF hasn’t been a landmark series as far as RPGs go (I own almost every single one, minus a remake or two). But it’s not the only one. All too often I hear when I talk to people “An RPG? You mean like Final Fantasy VII right? Man, that was the greatest game ever!!”. Great game, no doubt. Greatest game? Never. Sorry, even Square Enix’s own Chrono Trigger dances toe to toe with it when it comes to revolutionary.

    As far as a Mac goes, are you on an Intel? If so, I know dual booting to Windows is possible, or you can shell out the $80 or so for Parallels. Granted, it probably won’t be as nice as a pure PC goes, but I imagine Mac can handle SSF decently.

    If not, hopefully Yabause will make some headway(since it is multi platform, I believe the Mac OS X version will run similarly to the PC. SF unfortunately does not run well on it yet, but they are relatively active, so I’m hoping for some decent progress soon.

    Last resort, which is the path I’m taking is buy an aftermarket Saturn off of Ebay and get a mod chip added to it. Difficult, but the most authentic experience of them all.

    BTW, thanks for being my first poster. I thought no one was reading my rants. 🙂

  3. Haha, you’re welcome. I just joined today, and you were the first blog I looked at. And it wasn’t a Squaresoft-fanboy response concerning RPGs and I decided that anyone who mentioned SF is auto-win.

    I think I’m going to try dual booting, but I don’t want my laptop to fry at all. Yabause? Hm. Wiki-time!

    For those who answer with “Oh, you mean like Final Fantasy?” when I ask them if they play RPGs, I just smile and nod. It’s not necessarily bad, because anything that’s megapopular will be identifiable with those not thorough in the entire industry. But I’m fairly elitist about my RPGs and how I view the industry, so unless someone mentions “Oh, you mean like Valkyrie Profile/Persona 2/Stella Deus/Disgaea?” I won’t leap for joy because I couldn’t probably hold a conversation with them. Besides that little list I just mentioned, s/tRPGs are of my biggest interests, and yes, I will whore Final Fantasy Tactics out until I die.

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  5. Hello, all. I have a question concerning the Scenarios. I’ve read up on the translations, and i’m having difficulty figuring out if Scenario 2 is fully translated. I’ve made an ISO for sc2 recently, for my modded saturn, but now i’m reading that it’s still in the beta stages. I only got through the beginning dialogue, and it looked good. So, is Sc2 fully translated, or, did i just download a beta test of the first two chapters? Also, i tried to download the sc3 translated patch, and i just got “dream9 150….dream9 151…” in place of the lines of dialogue. This site says that they’re both fully translated. Could sc3 still be in progress?

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