Adding my game collection to MySpace/Facebook

So I have this video game collection consisting of a few RPGs. Actually it’s a hell of a lot of games, 250+ and mostly RPGs. It’s all thanks to working at GameStop and buying them off of customers instead of letting them trade em in (I was a really bad employee). Anyway, I wanted to show off what I’ve collected, so I initially thought of creating a web page that pulls data from an external xml page on my web host and formats into HTML via XSLT and use an iframe for MySpace/Facebook to show it through. Well, that’s all fine and dandy, except Myspace/Facebook don’t support iframes. So I had to look at other options…

Now granted I could’ve just listed my collection as HTML on both my profiles, but that means I’d have to update both profiles every time I added a new game to the collection. I want to be able to update it in just one place and have the changes propagate everywhere I have the app. So I was left with only one option: Flash. Actually Flex to be more specific. So I hand-typed (most of) my collection in a flat XML file (probably should’ve done a database/web service, but just in case I switch web hosts, I wanted portability), and wrote a Flash app parses that XML and creates a datagrid with the box artwork, name, platform and what I paid/screwed-gamestop-out-of. The end result is on my profile @ I’d show it off here, but apparently WordPress likes to block Flash unless it’s from a video source like Youtube.

Granted it’s really simple, but I’m not a Actionscript/Flash/Flex kind of person. In fact I loathe all things Flash. But it was a necessary evil to show off of I’ve collected over the years. Only downside is I couldn’t get RPC to work with Flex, so the XML has to be compiled with the flash app (meaning I have to recompile and upload the swf file to my host everytime the list changes). But I guess it’s not bad for a few hour’s work.  And before you ask: No, none of my games are for sale or rent.


One comment on “Adding my game collection to MySpace/Facebook

  1. Wow that sounds complex. Oh and I found an unfortunate issue with listing your collection in such a manner. Only your “friends” can see your collection… but then again, perhaps that’s the idea 🙂

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